Sunday, 12 June 2016

Outdoor Challenge Day 10: Water Day!

On Friday we all gathered in the tipi and heard the Indigenous story of Turtle Island. Then we worked together to create our own turtles. It was great to see the students working together and teaching each other.

Special thanks to Andy McKiel for stopping by and taking some excellent photos.

In the afternoon we changed into our swim suits and turned on the water!

Creating a water wall with funnels, pool noodles, and recycled bottles.

I liked the sprinkler. - Harleen
I liked doing the sponges and the sprinkler. - Isabella
I liked when Xydney poured water on my head. - Evelyn
I liked playing in the sprinkler. - Michael
I loved putting my bottom in the sprinkler. - Autumn
I liked when Nolan dumped water on my head. - Lily
I played with Layla in the sand. - Ethan
I liked throwing cold water at Dylan. - Isaac
I liked how the sprinkler sprayed at everybody and I also liked when I put the water in the sponge and sprayed it at Lily. - Kirsten
I loved the sprinkler on my face! - Kael
I didn't like getting wet. - Samantha
I was having fun outside with Isaac and I was throwing cold water at Dylan. - Noah
I liked jumping through the sprinkler. - Koreen 

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