Friday, 3 June 2016

Zoo Field Trip

It was too rainy for a lot of photos today but we got a couple. Great day, the kids were real troopers!

Here's what the kids had to say:
I liked all of the dinosaurs - Sam, Ethan, Isaac, Kian
I liked the movie about the Arctic - Harleen
I liked holding my friends hand when I was scared of the dinosaurs - Isabella, Dylan
I liked the time that we went on the school bus - Kirsten
I liked when Dylan held my hand when I was scared of the bats - Evelyn
I liked when Kael smiled at the polar bears - Koreen
I wasn't scared - Michael
I liked the dinosaurs - Zoe
I was scared in the movie theatre and I went to Mrs. Lowe - Autumn
I liked when I was pushing Camilo in the cart - Xydney
I liked everything - Samantha
I liked seeing the T Rex - Zak
I liked the school bus - Keira
I liked that part when we went to see the horses - Layla

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