Thursday, 2 June 2016

Outdoor Challenge Day 4: Sunshine and Airplanes

What a difference from yesterday! Today we put our shelters up easily. Students have started to take on roles. Some like to spread out the tarps, others finding the perfect bungee chords and we share the job of using the mallet. 

Eating snacks in the shade under our tarps. 

Serious teamwork and design process went into building and re-building the "course."
City planning continues in the sand pit. Today's goal was GET WATER! 

As teachers, we noticed that the students were much more calm today.
We gave them more free time and they relaxed, some even had a little cat nap. 

We went on a LONG walk today and checked out the creek and the airplanes.  
Some of us didn't like the feeling of the dandelion prickles on our legs. 

Of course we had to stop and play at our favourite park.

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