Thursday, 9 June 2016

Outdoor Challenge Day 7

Tuesday was a much warmer day and we were all in great spirits! All of the grade 4/5 students joined us for Discovery Time. 

Looking closely at bugs and making homes for them. 

With supervision and a safety plan, these older students were experimenting with making fire. Great learning and discussions were happening here. 

Painting in the style of Jackson Pollock

In the afternoon we went for another visit to the Discovery Children's Centre Adventure Playground. It is always interesting to the their play evolve with repeated visits. They are using loose parts materials in creative and ever changing ways. Many students are also conquering things they were afraid to do on their first visit.

The caterpillars continue to be a big hit!

Caterpillar races!

A restaurant that serves salad, pizza, and sushi (complete with chop sticks). 

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