Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Outdoor Challenge Day 3: Rain!

When the students arrived this morning it was POURING!

Most students were well prepared and dressed for the weather. It's way more fun to be outside when you're comfy so we made a quick call to Discovery Children's Centre and they graciously allowed us to borrow some brand new rain jackets, splash pants, and rubber boots. Without these things some of our friends would have been very wet and cold. THANK YOU DISCOVERY! YOU SAVED THE DAY!

We decided to make the most of it and went on with our daily routines.

Singing O'Canada

Finding shelter at Bordaire Community Club

Making a ninja obstacle course.

Then we went inside for snack and to get ready for gym.

After lunch Mrs. Lowe had dried all the clothes and we went out for some more adventures.

We started with some Geocaching. If you haven't heard of it, geocaching a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates all over the world. We looked for 3 caches today and ended up finding 2. We will definitely try and go back and get the one we couldn't find. You can find more information about Geocaching here.

It was great to see the students finding our location on the map and figuring out how many more streets until we got to our destination.

Then it was back for discovery time. One thing that the teachers have noticed is the change in play at the sand area. Then first day, all of the students were concerned with having their own tools. The second day, they started to build their own cities. Today, they all teamed up to build a great big community. Each student had a role and they were working together.

Today was an exhausting, wet, joyful adventure and each student should feel really proud of themselves for making the most of a very wet day!

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