Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Walking Wednesday

Last year the Room 8 students participated in Walking Wednesdays. Our goal was to get used to walking longer distances, being outside for long periods of time, and moving safely as a group. This year we decided to do Adventure Afternoons at Discovery instead.

The Adventure Afternoons have been amazing and we have learned a lot, made some great routines, and benefitted from visiting the same spot more than once and seeing it in different weather but we haven't done too much walking.

That changed today. We walked all the way from school to the Rod's Football Field and park. Before we left, everyone went to the washroom. This will be a very important part of our routine. Then we started walking. We paid attention to street signs so we can map our route tomorrow (maps are an important part of our social studies curriculum). 

Along the way we practiced staying together and looking both ways before crossing streets. We also noticed nature around us and airplanes in the sky.

Before we went into the park we all agreed to follow two rules 1)be safe 2)be kind. 

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