Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Afternoon Adventure Part 3

Somehow I missed posting the photos from our second Afternoon Adventure so I'll have to do it when I am back at school tomorrow.

Today was our third visit to the Adventure Playground. The weather ended up being beautiful!

The students were very interested in the caterpillars that are all over the trees.

At first many students were afraid of the caterpillars and didn't want to touch them. It was sweet to hear some students encouraging others to be brave.

Many students started catching the caterpillars on sticks, then moved to allowing the bugs on their clothes and finally started holding them and giggling/screaming at the tickles that happened as the bugs crawled along. 

For the last few weeks there have been huge debates in our class about if we should protect or kill these caterpillars. Since we know that they are living things, some students feel we should take care of them. Others are angry that they are destroying the leaves on trees and are trying to kill as many as possible. 

Throughout the debate I have been very impressed at students respect of each other's opinions.

Aside from caterpillars there were also students digging for treasure, baking sand cakes, watching the construction, going on make-believe trips to far away lands, and role-playing various family scenarios.

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