Monday, 30 May 2016

Outdoor Challenge: Day 1

Today was the first day of our Outdoor Challenge. We started with a very special guest, Kelly, from Lululemon. The people there are so amazing and care a lot about kids, fitness and community building. They sent the wonderful Kelly and a class set of yoga mats for us to use for the day.

Kelly taught us a sequence of poses that are all animals, we even got to make the sounds. We plan on starting each day of our challenge with some moments of mindfulness. 

Warming up with some cat/cow poses.

And cobra!

Down dog. We also played a game where everyone crawled under the dogs. Kids said it was challenging but felt good!

Taking some minutes to breathe and think about our day.

After our stretching, we worked together to set up shelters to give us some shade from the sun. 

While the room 12 class was in french class the kindergarten students played some games with the parachute. 

After recess we had discovery centres outside.

Thanks to Reimer Soils for donating a yard of sand and a yard of soil for us to use during our Outdoor Challenge!

We ended our day with some very special Star of the Week presentations, journal writing, and singing My Roots Go Down. 

Tomorrow looks like rain. We plan on being outside (in and out of shelters), unless there is very strong rain or risk of lightning.

Please make sure all students are dressed for the weather. 

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