Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Adventure Afternoons Part 2 (belated)

Here are our photos from our second Adventure Afternoon at Discovery Children's Centre.

Checking out the caterpillars.
The children loved using the crates and buckets to build structures.
Does anyone have a good connection for free milk crates?
Digging for treasure.

This was the start of our curiosity about caterpillars. 
These girls were going on a big trip!

It was amazing to watch their confidence grow as they attempted to cross the planks from spool to spool.
 They watched each other closely and asked for advice from students who were confident in crossing.

"Mrs. Lowe, I was scared at first but then I tried it and I got brave!"

At the end of our visit we made a circle and sang "My Roots Go Down." It was a great way to wrap up our day.
Students took turn creating their own verses based on what they saw that day.

Everywhere we go, we count. Mrs. Lowe taps each student gently and they say the next number in order to make sure everyone is with us. We are getting really great at paying attention and counting from 1-23.

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