Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Adventure Afternoons Part 1

In order to prepare for our Outdoor Challenge in June, we are going on a series of Adventure Afternoons. Today's adventure was to the Adventure Playground at Discovery Children's Centre.

Stevenson School is very fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with the awesome educators at Discovery who have extended an open invitation for us to use their outdoor learning spaces.

Today Mrs. Crockett and Ms. Cottrell even came to help us get ready and walk over. Once we got to Discovery they explained the boundaries and a couple of rules and we were off to play.

It was awesome to see the children working together to move heavy objects, coming up with detailed stories and scenarios using their imaginations, digging in the sand with spades and shovels, and creating teams to play soccer. Not a single child complained about being wet, cold, or dirty. They were far too busy playing and having fun. I was so proud of their teamwork and determination! - Mrs. Lowe

Here's what they had to say about the day:

I liked playing soccer. - Camilo

I like to play with Mrs. Crockett - Ethan

I like playing soccer - Kian

I liked playing in the sand and fixing the house with the wood and playing in the boat - Isabella

I liked being a good soccer teammate with Kian - Zak

I was digging for treasure - Michael

I liked when I had the cookies (a special snack that one of our friends brought to share with the class) - Lily

I was playing and eating the cookies and I went with my other class and I liked playing with Dylan. - Noah

I liked to go to the daycare - Harleen

I was playing with Evelyn and Isabella fixing the house. - Keira

I liked when I was playing with Isabella and digging in the sand - Evelyn

Going to the adventures and eating the cookies was my favourite - Koreen

I liked helping to build the house - Layla

I was digging for treasure - Kirsten

My favourite part was when we had the cookies - Xydney

My favourite part today was playing with the frogs and Noah and showing my friends at school my daycare - Dylan

My favourite part was going in the tunnel - Ruth

My favourite part was having my cookies - Alessa


McDermott Family said...

This is amazing. I'm so thankful that Noah gets to be involved in such an amazing adventure!

Nicky Zakaluzny said...

Looks like a great adventure, and so much fun!