Friday, 8 April 2016

Welcome Back!

The students were very excited to see each other again after a week away. Our room was pretty loud and busy, but also very productive!

We finished our colour books which will be going home soon (we'd like to read them to some of our school friends first).

We also used what we know about colours to paint rainbows for our book covers and create flowers for our bulletin board. Please ask us how to make green, orange, and purple by mixing the primary colours. 

We'll have to add some more details next week. 
Richelle Scott came back to visit and we finished our "Talking Rocks." They will be going home with a note soon.

We started writing our play plans instead of telling them.

We decided the next thing we want to learn about is Superheroes! We brainstormed what we think makes a superhero and some of the activities we would like to do in the next few weeks.

The room was buzzing as the students shared all of the ideas they had for our learning. There was lots of talk about dressing up like superheroes but don't worry, Mrs. Lowe will give lots of notice before that happens.

We also got to go to the library to pick out two books to keep from First Book Canada.

Using sign language to show our excitement.

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