Saturday, 23 April 2016

Lights Out Day

Thursday was a very special day. In honour of Earth Day, Stevenson School decided to participate in Lights Out Day. This is a special day where people all across Canada and the world make a special effort to conserve energy by turning the lights off. You can find more information here.

Because our classroom has no windows, we decided to spend our day enjoying the great outdoors! On Wednesday we brainstormed a list of activities the students would like to do.

The day started out pretty chilly and not all students were dressed warm enough so we made a special visit to the lost and found to make sure everyone would be warm enough. It is no fun playing outside when you are cold and uncomfortable.

Once everyone was ready we went out to the front of the school to "sign in." This is a routine we do every day in the classroom. Each morning there is a question on the Smart Board and students answer using their name. Because we don't have a Smart Board outside, each student chose a special rock. They wrote their names on the rocks and used them to sign in on our "Nature Smart Board."

Thursday's questions was "Which Superhero do you like more?" Captain America or Dare Devil. The students decided on the question, helped to spell the words to write it, counted how many students liked each, and then wrote a number sentence to find out the total number of students at school that day.

Next we went inside the lobby of the school for a little while to warm up and do Discovery Time. Each student chose from designing their own superhero, creating a superhero vehicle out of Lego, or playing superhero bingo.

When we were done everyone went to the washroom (this routine is essential when going outside for long periods of time). Then we grabbed our snacks and went outside for a picnic. We talked about how when we eat outside we eat like a family and everyone stays together until we are done. This was a great opportunity for students to talk to each other and get a little time to rest.

After recess we brought out the capes and played superheroes! Inside, one of our guidelines for superhero play is NO running. Outside they were finally free to run and was it ever fun!

After lunch we came inside to read a book all about birds and how they build their nests. We gathered supplies and went outside to make some treats for the birds. Students used their fine motor skills to weave grass, yarn, and cotton into pinecones. Then we hung them from the trees. We can't wait to see if the birds like them!

Next we learned some new games including Duck Duck Goose, Puppy Where's Your Tail, and Relay Races. Running, skipping, jumping, lunging, and tagging are all activities that improve our "physical literacy."

Then we went inside to read with some older students. Their room was cozy and warm with only the lights from their windows.

At the end of the day we had a special guest reader! Our Star of the Week's Mom came and even brought cookies. They were delicious, thank you!

What an amazing day of learning and fun! I can't wait to add the students reflections on the day.

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