Monday, 11 April 2016

Super Heroes

Today was full of Super Hero actvities! Our sign in question asked us about which Super Hero we liked the best. Most kids chose Superman over Spiderman.

We also participated in shared reading. Mrs. Lowe used the digital projector to show the book on our Smart Board. The students worked together to look at the pictures and read the words they know. When they came to a word they didn't know they use the picture and the first letter of the word to look for clues. They also thought about what would make the most sense, then check to see if we were right. Everyone was so excited to read some of the words we have been learning in class.

These levelled readers are great for beginning readers.
Here is a picture of the words we have learned so far this year!

In the afternoon we got into groups to brainstorm what we already know about Super Heroes. There was lots of talking, writing and drawing going on!

When we were done, we shared what we had written with the rest of the class. 

This is what we came up with all together. 

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