Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Super Hero Headquarters and Tipi Joe

This morning the students came in to find their very own super hero headquarters! Their reactions were priceless, I really wish I had my camera out to capture it.

Before we played in the centre we created some guidelines. This is what we decided.

We have also been sketching and writing about super heroes during our Discovery Time. Today many students wrote independently for the FIRST time! They were so excited that some students wrote multiple sentences and needed more paper.

During thinking and learning time we decided that we needed masks. The students designed and created beautiful masks. Tomorrow we will attach elastic so they can wear them during play. 

In the afternoon we had a visitor name Tipi Joe, through The Integrated Arts program. Today he taught us about the 7 Teachings and did some story-telling. Everyone really loved getting to touch all of the different animal furs. He also taught us about the tipi and set up a real one in our classroom. Everyone got to go inside and check it out. 

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