Thursday, 14 April 2016

Outdoor Challenge Presentation

This morning I was away from school at professional development session. The session was called Connecting the Dots and was about how we, as a community of ECE's, teachers, administrators and trustees, can support students in their early childhood development.

We heard about the importance of physical literacy (running, jumping, throwing, balancing), getting outside in nature, mental health, attachment, and of course PLAY!

I was privileged to speak about my experiences participating in the Outdoor Challenge. The idea is to increase the amount of time that children spend outdoors.

For the last two years I have chosen to take my class out for an entire week. These weeks have been incredibly full of learning, exploring, exercising, and relationship building. There are so many benefits to increasing our time outdoors, for both adults and children.

This year we will be going outside from May 30th - June 3rd. I will definitely keep you posted with more details in the next few weeks.

If you're curious about what this might look like, here are a some blog posts from previous years.

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