Friday, 29 April 2016

Superhero Party

Today was our big day! We have been reading, writing, and learning all about Superheroes for two weeks and today we celebrated with a party.

The students planned everything themselves. 

This morning we wore our costumes and prepared for the party by decorating our classroom and getting the games ready. 

This afternoon we were playing a game of musical chairs on the carpet when our surprise guest arrived!! It was CAPTAIN AMERICA!

He read us stories, answered many questions, took lots of pictures, and even played outside with us!

After recess we came in and decorated our own cupcakes. Everyone did an excellent job!

There were so many great photos that we decided to make them into a video for you. 

Here's what some of the kiddos said about the day:
Eating cupcakes was my favourite - Camilo
We saw Captain America! -Harleen
I like taking a picture with Captain America - Ethan and Kian
Playing games was my favourite - Xydney and Samantha
My favourite part of the day was a making the cupcakes and eating the cupcakes - Dylan
Having a picture with Captain America was my favourite - Zakary
Playing tag with Captain America - Autumn


ANDREA LEE said...

Wow!! Looked like this was really the best day ever for the kids!! 😁

Nicole said...

Wow! No wonder she was so tired after school :). What a fun day!

McDermott Family said...

Fantastic video. It looks like all the children really enjoyed their day!