Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mission Impossible

We are so lucky that our fabulous gym teachers set up Mission Impossible in the gym for us this week.

It was hard to get pictures because everyone was moving so quickly!

Here's what the kids had to say: 
I love the pictures - Keira
We had a lot of fun in the gym - Koreen
I had a lot of fun in the gym - Camilo
I liked Mission Impossible - Ethan
I like myself in the pictures - Evelyn
I like when I was so close to the end - Zakary
When I hit the gong in the gym - Kian
I like the gym - Isaac
I like Mission Impossible - Dylan
I'm proud of myself and everyone else - Samantha
I like swinging on the monkey bars and the rope - Monica
I like Mission Impossible because I liked everything there and I'm proud of myself and Evelyn - Isabella
I like Mission Impossible - Lily
I went everywhere and I had so much fun - Harleen
I liked it when I went in the noodles and the tunnel and the tent of doom - Noah
I like everything- Xydney
The game was so fun, I was so happy! - Autumn
It was so fun - Ruthie
I liked Mission Impossible with Evelyn and Isabella

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