Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mystery Number Hangout and Learning about the 7 Teachings

Today we got to "Hangout" with some new kindergarten friends from San Jose, California. We use Google Hangouts to talk to them and we were able to see them on our Smart Board.

The reason for our call was to play a game called "mystery number." Each class chooses a number between 1-20. Then they use their math smarts to ask big questions in order to guess the mystery number.

Some questions we asked were:

Is your number higher than 10?
Is your number lower than 15?
Is your number even?

We keep track of our guesses using a chart paper and marker.

By asking big questions we were able to figure out their number very quickly!

When we were done playing, we got to ask some questions about the kids. We asked what they had for lunch and what they like to play.  They were curious if we had snow.

We have agreed to send each other pictures of our school yards so we can compare later this week.

After our game, we had our guest Richelle (Indigenous Education Teacher) come and teach us about the 7 Teachings. She used a story and puppets to teach us about them.

Recording our drum song so we can share it with you.
The 7 teachings are represented by seven animals:

Eagle - Love
Buffalo - Respect
Bear - Courage
Bigfoot - Honesty
Beaver - Wisdom
Wolf - Humility
Turtle - Truth

On Thursday Richelle will be coming back to help us look more closely at the Buffalo and what respect means to us. 

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