Friday, 18 March 2016

The Arctic

We have learned so much about the arctic and we wanted to share our learning with you!

We decided on our own lines about things that interested us. We also learned a traditional Dakota song and played the hand drums.

We hope you enjoy!

Here's how the students felt about the video:

I saw me in the video - Kirsten
I felt proud that I am in the Smart Board - Isaac
I felt proud when I said my words - Ethan
I felt good when I watched the video - Harleen
I felt proud and happy and it's awesome and I like polar bears and owls - Noah
I feel proud because I said my part - Samantha
I love the video - Evelyn
I was proud because I said, "You have to make sure the top block fits" -Alessa
I feel proud that I talked in a microphone and no one made a noise - Koreen
I feel proud when I get to be in the video - Keira
I feel proud that I was in the video - Monica
I was being happy in the arctic - Michael


Eva Dowd said...

Boys and girls, you sure know a lot about the Arctic! Thank you for sharing your learning and i can't wait to show my class your video. Fabulous job! Ms. Dowd

Nicole said...

I love the video!

McDermott Family said...