Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ready, set, Skype!

Today we started preparing to meet some new friends using Skype.

Mrs. Lowe heard about another class that has a birthday centre in their classroom. The class is Ms. Caldwell's class in Oak Lake Manitoba.

Ms. Caldwell's Blog

Today we looked at their blog and checked where they live using Google Maps.

Then we used the Photo Booth on our computer to practice looking at ourselves, being good listeners,  and coming up to the computer to speak.

Tomorrow we will come up with some questions to ask our new friends.

Do you use Skype in your house or classroom? 
Who do you connect with?


Anonymous said...

We do a lot of Skyping at home to speak with our family in the Philippines. This way, we get to catch up with everyone back there and see how everyone's doing. Makes them see the grandparents anytime they can.

-Renee's mom

Colleen Macdonell said...

That is so exciting that you will get to see another kindergarten class! I wonder what their classroom will look like or what they are playing with? If you would like, I can Skype with your class from my office! ~ Mrs. Macdonell