Monday, 29 September 2014

Bus Ridership

Today was bus ridership day at school. Bus Driver Bob came and taught us all how to be safe on the bus. He also taught us what to do if there was an emergency.

The kids in Room 8 were great listeners. Here's what they learned:

You should listen to Bob - Justin

When you walk you should stand straight and tall - Matthew

No standing in front of the bus - Landyn

When you're lining up, don't go anywhere - Yuan

Before you walk into the street, don't go in the "danger zone." - Renee

We stand on the bus and we walk up the stairs by being safe. -Brayden

We were sitting nicely. 

Bob taught us that if there's an emergency we go out the back. -Parker

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Ryan Miller said...

Great posts - I will visit Room 8 often!