Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our First Library Class

Today we visited the library for the first time.  Our library technician is named Mr. Wesselius.

He started to read us a story called "Mo's Mustache" by Ben Clanton, but Mrs. Couch came in with a special delivery.

She pulled all sorts of crazy stuff out of the box including a mustache, a scarf, and even a clown wig!

Mrs. Couch looked so funny!
We were very curious about what was going to come out next!
At the end of the story we all got our very own mustaches. It was a VERY funny trip to the library.

Next time we visit the library (on school day 1) we will get to choose one library book to take home with us for the week.

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Colleen Macdonell said...

I was wondering why some kids grew moustaches the other day! I hardly recognized you! I wonder what books you will take out next week?