Thursday, 8 May 2014

Walking Wednesday

For the month of May we will be going for walks around our community. Today was our first Walking Wednesday. Even though the weather didn't look great, the students were very excited.

Before we left we looked at a map of our community. We also checked a special map for geocaches.  If you haven't heard of geocaching, I'm sure you soon will. Geocaching is a treasure hunt that is happening all over the world, right now!  People can use global positioning systems (GPS) to hide and find treasures.

If you don't have a GPS device, you can easily put the geocaching app on your smartphone. This is the one I use. It costs around $10 but can provide hours of fun and adventure for you and your family.

We decided on three caches to search for. They were all fairly close to our school and also a park that we wanted to play at. We also selected a number of items that we could trade for treasure that we found in the caches (the rule is you can only take something out if you leave something of equal value behind). It's also important to bring a writing tool so that you can sign the log book.

Please ask your child about our adventures today! 


Anonymous said...

I wish i was there.And Playing with you guys _ Danica

Connie Lowe said...

We missed you too Danica! Hopefully next week you are feeling better and we have a beautiful sunny day!- Mrs. Lowe

Essy's mom said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed your outdoor Adventures, next time see if you can find a four leaf clover, i can never find one. Have fun on the next adventure room 8!

Anonymous said...

Which park did you kids go to? Danica would like to take me there and show me the cache -Danica's Mom

Anonymous said...

We have now been to 3 different parks. One near the Rod's Football field on Silver, another one on Brooklyn Street and "Ladybug Park" also on Silver (I think it's on King Edward).

You can find lots of caches in our community on

Have fun hunting and please take photos to share with our class! - Mrs. Lowe