Thursday, 1 May 2014


Our class will be participating in a fun project for the month of May. It's a photo challenge using Instagram!

Every day the students are given a word and then our class will work together to represent that word in a photo and share it on Instagram. The fun part is that lots of other classes will be doing the same project so we will all be able to compare photos.
Mrs. Lowe's class participated in the same project last year and it was a bunch of fun. You can still see some of the photos on our Instagram account.

We were also inspired by Ms. Clark from to follow some "rules" for our posts on Instagram.

Want to see our photos?

Follow us on Instagram: Our username is MrsLowesClass. Please send me an email at with your username so that I can approve you and make sure you're not a stranger. Also, we will only follow other classes so that I can make sure our feed is safe and appropriate for student eyes.

Check our Twitter feed on the blog: We will also post our photos to Twitter so they will show up on the blog.

Follow the #: If you are on Instagram, you can search the #eduphotoadaymay to see some of the other photos. (Ours won't show up unless you follow us because our account is private, all followers must be approved)

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