Thursday, 1 May 2014


Today was a very exciting day in our room! We got a call on Skype from Mrs. Lowe's Mom and Dad. Right now they are in Swaziland, Africa. They are doing some work there and were happy to answer our questions.

 (This call was unexpected and I did not prompt my students or talk to them at all about Africa before we got the call. I was AMAZED at their questions!) 

 What does it look like there? 
Very dry, and it's starting to get cool. It is fall here. When we were driving today we was goats, chickens, dogs and cows. There are also palm trees and banana trees here.

 Do they have houses? 
Yes but they look very different than our houses. They are built from mud and tin. They have cement walls around them to keep wild animals out.

 Do they have food there? 
Yes but not enough. The children that we are working with may only get two meals each day. Many of them have to walk for over an hour to get to the care-point where they can get food.

 Do they have a school? 
Yes. People have to pay to send their children to school. The children have to wear a clean uniform everyday. If they do not behave or they do not have a uniform, they are not allowed to attend the school.

 Do they have water? 
They have some water but not enough. It is very dry and some people have to drink water from dirty streams and it makes them very sick.

The students were shocked about this last one. After we said goodbye we talked about what they had learned from the call. The students talked a lot about how they wanted to help the children their. They also talked about skin colour (not sure where this came from as we only saw my mom and dad on Skype). The students concluded that people have different colours of skin because our families come from different places.

I have sent my parents an email asking about ways that our class can help and I will keep you posted.
My heart was warmed today by the empathy my students showed. I can't wait to help support them in finding ways to help others.

-Mrs. Lowe

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Mr. Hoeppner said...

Wow... what a great learning experience! I can hardly wait to see what comes of the seed that was planted in your students' minds and hearts today!