Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Today we read a great book about filling people's buckets. The story says that everyone carries an invisible bucket with them. The buckets get filled with our good thoughts and feelings about ourselves. We can help other people to fill their buckets by saying nice words and doing kind things for them. When we do things that aren't kind, that is called bucket dipping. It will not help us to fill our own bucket.

We made a great big list of all the things we can do to help fill people's buckets.

The kids used PicCollage on the iPads to make a poster about what they can do to fill someone's bucket.

Here are the PicCollages the students made. 

Have you filled someone's bucket today?


MsCouch said...

Dear Room 8,
You filled my bucket just by saying all those nice things. I look forward to seeing your acts of kindness!
Ms Couch

Stevo Dawson said...


Anonymous said...

I love someone who likes lots of things.and i filled my Moms bucket _Danica