Saturday, 17 May 2014

Walking Wednesday Part 2

This week we went for our second Walking Wednesday.

Just like last week, before we went on our journey we looked on a map to see if there were any geocaches nearby.

The smiley faces are caches we've found.
We saw that there were two but they were "nano" caches. I explained to the children that these types of caches are very very tiny and there would be no treasures inside. As I suspected they were still very excited about searching for them.

Unfortunately, Wednesday was a very cold day and not all of the students were dressed for the weather. By the time we got to our first destination it was snowing and many of the student were pretty cold.

 Even though the children were cold they played and searched for the geocache and we eventually found it. The students were shocked at how tiny it was and that there was a tiny roll of paper inside, just big enough for us to sign our names on.

We decided to skip our second search and head to a park close by to have our snack before heading back to the school.  We were happy that the sun even came out for a little while!

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