Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mystery Number Skypes

For the last couple of weeks our class has been playing the "Mystery Number" game. One person picks a number between 1-20. The number is a secret and everyone else tries to guess it by asking "juicy questions."

Our list of "juicy questions" includes:

Does your number have one digit?
Does your number have two digits?
Is your number odd?
Is your number even?
Is your number more than __?
Is your number less than ___?

We are getting better and better at solving the mystery quickly!

Today we played this game with Mrs. Mac's class in North Carolina. We have done other projects with them before but today was the first time we actually got to meet them.

It was really funny when we discovered that we are both Room 8 and we had both chosen 20 as our mystery number.

In the afternoon we played with Mrs. Wood from her house. She is at home on maternity leave. It was nice to see her because we miss her a lot!

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