Thursday, 12 March 2015

Primary Colours and Piet Mondrian

The students of Room 8 have been learning all about colours! It all started with some coloured water at Discovery Time.

The students were given red, yellow, and blue water and some eye droppers. It was amazing how quickly they figured out how to make secondary colours using the three primary colours.

We also watched some videos to learn more about primary and secondary colours. The videos inspired us to make our own colour wheel, using our left-over beautiful stuff.

Last week we looked at the work of the artist, Piet Mondrian. We learned that he really loved creating art using primary colours to compliment his vertical and horizontal lines.

You can see the slideshow here.

The kiddos had a lot to say about this:
I noticed primary colours. - Charlotte
It looks like a house map. - Brodie
I like the blue rectangles, they remind me of Minecraft. - Alfonso and Matthew
I see a school map, the blue is a classroom, the yellow is the gym, the white is a music room, and the red is the "doing cool stuff" room. - Jolena
It reminds me of a puzzle. - Renee

After the slideshow the students were inspired to make their very own Mondrian inspired art.  They did such a great job making vertical and horizontal lines and using paint to create the coloured rectangles and squares.

The next day, I noticed that some students were still thinking about Pied Mondrian.

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