Thursday, 19 March 2015

Play Plans

Yesterday our class got to Skype with Mrs. Caldwell's class in Oak Lake, Manitoba.  They told us about some exciting Play Plans they were making. You should really read Mrs. Caldwell's blog post about Play Plans too!

They explained that before they go to play time, they share their plans in words and then they draw or write them on paper. This helps them to be more focused during play time.

We really liked this idea so today we created our own play plans!  We got to choose one or two ideas about what we would like to play. If we changed our minds, we just made another plan.

Here are some examples of the play plans we made today. Each student took their play play home in their red folder. This will also help to remind them about what they did at school today.

When it was time to play, we followed our plans.  Some students noticed that the classroom was more peaceful. Mrs. Lowe was impressed because we were really growing our brains by playing with a purpose.

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Devon Caldwell said...

We love your play plans. We are going to work hard to write sentences like you did!