Wednesday, 4 March 2015

App Smackdown!

This morning we had a great assembly where we got to hear the 2/3 and 4/5 choirs perform their songs from the music festival. We also got to hear 3 students perform poems in french. We were all really impressed!

Then there was an App Smackdown! If you haven't heard of this before, it's a way of sharing lots of really great iPad Apps, really quickly.  Several students and teachers came up to the front to share and demonstrate an app that they are using in their classrooms. Each person got two minutes to talk then someone sounded a gong and they had to stop.

A grade one student sharing about Explain Everything! She was so brave!
Two grade 1 students demonstrating the Sushi Monster app. 

Ms. Remple and her assistants making a music video, using an iPad.

Checking out the new apps we learned about in the assembly.
There were some really great apps shared. These ones are free for iPads and iPhones. You should check them out! The links in the descriptions will take you to the app store to find more information and download.

 Sushi Monster is a hilarious math app! The K's were really excited to try it!
 Endless Wordplay is a great app for beginning spelling. Perfect for K's!

VidRythm is for making your own cool music videos!

Explain Everything is a great tool for screen-casting.
 4Pics1Word is a cool word puzzle apple.
 Stop Motion  is for making stop-motion animated movies.
Air Pipes is a fun app that allows you to use your phone as bagpipes!

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