Monday, 16 March 2015

Alligator Inquiry

Last week I noticed that some of the students were very interested in alligators. When I asked them if they would like to learn more about them, the answer was a resounding YES!

A photo from Mrs. Lowe's trip to Gatorland in Florida.
The staff were feeding chickens to the alligators.
Today we did some brainstorming about what we know about alligators already and what we wonder about them. 

We made a chart all about alligators.
Then we looked at some books and watched some videos to learn more.

Here's a link to the video we watched:

Here's what the students said about today:
We watched a movie about Alligators. - Yuan
The whole classroom likes alligators. - Alfonso
We already know a lot about alligators. - Braydon
We watched a video and it was real cool. - Landyn
I like alligators. - Justine
Alligators can eat fish. - Matthew
Alligators can jump out of the water with their big strong muscles. - Brodie
They can grab chickens with their jaws. - Parker
Alligators can get chickens from far away. - Justin
How does a swamp get dirty? - Malashia

Mr. Miller brought us an alligator puppet to play with.
Alfonso was so proud to share his toy alligator with all of his friends.
We made a swamp for the alligator and his friends to play in.  

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Mr. Doty said...

Mr. Dory has eaten alligator before. It tastes like chicken!