Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Big Wall

Wowza, this afternoon I had planned on working on a song writing activity about the City of Winnipeg.

We were going to sing it to the tune of O'Canada so I introduced the lesson by opening a book called "O Canada: Our National Anthem."

I only got to the second page "Our home and native land." When the hands started shooting up.

I tried to explain that this meant, it's our home, where we're from. The students were quick to point out that lots of people came here from other places too.

Soon our conversation turned to the border and the wall that "The Big Boss" is trying to build. I was shocked with how much they knew. There were even comparisons to the Great Wall of China (which may become a topic of inquiry for our class).

I wish I had recorded their conversation as it was way too fast to take notes and there were so many interesting, compassionate, brilliant things that were said.

Some highlights included:

"He's sending people away and that's rude. I'm glad our door is open."

"If we had a wall around Canada lots of our friends wouldn't be here with us and we would miss them!"

"It will never work to build a wall, people will just go around it, or over, or under." 

"Can't we all just be together!"

This afternoon reminded me yet again why it's so important to be flexible in my teaching and leave time for student ideas, voices, and passions.

These kiddos are listening and watching the world around them. They have big thoughts and ideas and even bigger hearts.

-Mrs. Lowe

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