Sunday, 19 February 2017

Huge Snowshoeing Adventure

After two weeks of practicing and building our stamina, today was the big day! We joined Mrs. Buchanan's class and went for a big walk to the Rod's field. Once we were there we put on our snowshoes and ran around in a field of deep snow.  The snow was also just right for building snowmen and forts! 

During our adventure we:
-used our knowledge of position and motion to move heavy snowballs.
-tested our understanding of surface area and weight distribution, using the snowshoes.
-took care of our friends by making sure everyone was able to get their snowshoes and gear on.
-tested our physical stamina by walking a total of 5km!!
-picked up garbage to take care of our community and the Earth.
-read street names and signs along our way.
-worked as a team to move objects and build structures.
-noticed the direction of the wind and how it affects the temperature.
-wrote and sang a song about Winnipeg.

Most importantly, we had FUN!

"Mrs. Lowe, we are explorers!"

Some of us got cold. - Harleen
We made a snow fort almost around all of our friends. - Xander
We took another class with us so we can have more fun. - Landyn
We had fun because we built snowmen and we did get pretty wet. - Evelyn
We made snow forts  - Justine
We made snowmen and snow dogs and snow ducks - Rachel
We can make a big snowman  - J
Thank you to everyone for being happy and trying their best. -Ethan
Some people were cold because their boots went in puddles and got soaked. -Chance
Thank you Mrs. Lowe for the huge snowshoe adventure. - Xydney
We did get wet and we did a great job putting on our snowshoes. -Autumn
We were making bigger snowmen. -Daishaun
We tried our best and we didn't give up. -Brodie
Me and Charlotte had fun when we were making our bakery and we were pretending to make lots of sweets. -Isabella 
When we came back we had crazy hair. - Camilo
We had fun snowshoeing and we went to Rod's Field - Justin

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