Monday, 6 February 2017


For the next 2 weeks our class and room 12 have borrowed snowshoes from the school division.

Today we learned how to put them on and tighten the buckles. We are starting to get the hang of it but we'll definitely need some more practice.

Once everyone had theirs on we went on a very quick trip outside to test them out. The snow in our field isn't very deep but it's good for practicing.

Our goal is to become quick at getting them on and off, tightening buckles and walking without falling. We will also be working on building our stamina for exercising and being outside. 

I can't even express how proud I was of the room 9 kiddos, that was a challenging task and they all stepped up with big smiles and not a single tear!


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I will be taking my kids to snow hiking during the snow season. These are amazing boots you have here. Do you have any resourceful suggestions? At the moment, I will be reinforcing my kids hiking boots for snow hiking: