Thursday, 16 March 2017

I Love Winnipeg!

Several weeks ago we began learning all about Winnipeg.

We watched videos, read books, and shared our knowledge with each other.

We recorded everything we knew onto chart paper. Then we cut it all apart, created categories, and sorted our information. 

Ms. Remple helped us to take all of our information and write a beautiful song! Today three students recorded it so we could share it with you.

Our next step will be to add visuals to create a video.

Click below to listen to our song:
I Love Winnipeg

What do you think should be included? 
Here are our ideas so far
-The Golden Boy
-Us (our home)
-The Jets
-The Goldeyes
-Polar Bears at the Zoo and Assiniboine Park
-The Blue Bombers
-Lots of Elm Trees
-The Red River and the Assinboine River meet at the Forks
-Community Helpers
-Legislative Buildings
-The Mint

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