Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Just Right Books

First, thanks to all of the families who came out to Math Night. The dinner was tasty and watching all of the families learn and play together was inspiring!

We will definitely be bringing some of the games into our classroom in the next few weeks.

Today we continued to practice Read to Self. Students are working on picking a good spot, reading the whole time, and building their stamina.

We also had a discussion about how to pick good books. First, I kinda tricked the kiddos by telling them all about my different pairs of shoes and how each one has a purpose and makes me excited to do that activity. Then I explained how I was actually teaching them about books and how when we pick them, we need to think about our purpose and if that book will make us excited to read it.

Ask students to tell you about all my shoes and their purposes :)
After students had a chance to read their books we did a sharing circle and each student had a chance to recommend a book to the class.

We're up to 16 minutes of independent reading!! Way to go room 9!

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