Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fall Celebrations

Yesterday the students of room 9 planned their own Fall celebration.

Here's what they planned:

Snack: Fruit kabobs in fall colours.

Art: The students chose, organized, and ran 3 centres.
1) leaf rubbing
2) pastel dragging
3) leaf painting

They also thought we should have fancy decorations so Mrs. Lowe brought napkins, centre pieces, and cups for the party.

These students were real leaders today!

Here is what the kids thought:

Xander - It was a great time.
Evelyn - It was awesome.
Autumn - I loved the food and the plates. They were awesome.
Isabella - It was fun and I liked the food.
Brodie - I really liked the centre piece and the painting of the leaves.
Camilo - I liked the food and I liked the centres where you could paint the leaves.
Landyn - It was cool and I liked the food.
Chance - I liked all of the centres.
Caleb - It was so cool.
Jaylene - I liked the painting.
Noah - I liked the food and the painting.
Rachel - The leaf rubbing and the food were good.
Justine - No one was being silly at the stations. 
Xydney - I really loved the stations and the food.
Charlotte - I liked being a leader.
Justin - It was fun going from station to station clockwise. 

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