Friday, 9 September 2016

First Day in Room 9

What a great day!

We gathered outside this morning and you could feel the excitement in the air!

After getting our lockers organized we came in the classroom and started on Discovery Time. Students get to choose from 4 different open ended activities. They can explore whichever stations they choose.

Today the stations were tower building, still-life drawing, Minecraft story telling, and making Mandalas. I was so pleased to see all of the focus and creativity the students showed.

Next we read a story about names and made our own name tags for our lockers.

After lunch we had French and the students learned a new song about saying hi and making friends.

Then we talked about being friends and got to know each other by asking questions about our interests.

Nearing the end of the day we had Inquiry time where we got to explore our new classroom.

We ended the day with a sharing circle outside.

Whew! What a busy and fun day!

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