Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Wellness Month - Hydration

January is Wellness Month as Stevenson School.  Each week we will have a focus on a different area of wellness. Special thanks to Mr. McKinnon and Mrs. Havixbeck for planning these great activities!

Families, please join us in these challenges:
Week one (Jan. 11th)   - Hydration Week

We are keeping track of our water intake on a graph.

Yesterday, each student was given a water bottle with the goal of having them consume a basic water intake each day. The Kindergartens and grade 1s have a goal of finishing 1 bottle of water a day. The grade 2 and 3's goal is to finish 2 bottles a day. The grade 4 and 5's goal is to finish 3 bottles a day.

If a student meets the goal, (each day) they will be given a ticket to put in a draw to receive a special water bottle!

We will be teaching students to be more aware of their pee and the colour of their pee. Ultimately we want our pee to be a very light yellow colour, like pale straw. If it is any darker, you are dehydrated!

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