Friday, 8 January 2016

Ice Experiment

Today we wondered if there was a way to turn our water back into ice. Some students suggested the freezer and some thought putting the water outside would work.

We decided to try both. While we were getting the water ready to freeze we had lots of fun pouring it from container to container to see which containers were the biggest and which were the smallest.

We were a little worried that someone might not realize that we were doing an experiment and wreck it, so we made some signs to make sure our water would be safe.

After school we checked on our experiment and the water had not yet frozen. Everyone is excited to check back on Monday.


Discovery Classroom 4 said...

Did you check in your experiment? What happened to the water you put outside?
How about the water you put in the freezer?

- Mrs. Pollreis, Mrs. Thwaites and Ms. Cottrell

Connie Lowe said...

Yes we checked on our experiment. The water froze outside. The water from the freezer got bigger and froze. Thank you for your comment. Did you have a great time teaching kids? - Room 8

Discovery Classroom 4 said...

We are so glad your experiment went well!! Did you think the water would freeze or did you think it would stay a liquid?
We had a really fun time teaching this morning but we sure missed you guys!! Thanks Kian for letting us know you replied to
our blog!!