Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Indigenous Drumming

Yesterday we had a very special guest! Richelle Scott our division's new Indigenous Education teacher came to teach us a song and how to play hand drums.

First we listened to her sing and play the drum. Then she taught us the words and how to hold the drums and play them slow, fast, quiet and loud.

Richelle will be coming to visit again on Thursday, we can't wait!

It was loud - Keira
I loved her singing - Lily
Harleen is wondering why we have drums.
It sounded a little bit funny. - Autumn
It was lovely - Evelyn
I liked that song - Isaac
It made me feel relaxed - Kirsten
It was the best song ever. - Alessa
I like her singing - Zakary
I liked her song - Isabella
That song made me calm - Camilo
I liked when everyone played the drums with her - Koreen
I liked the song - Ruthie

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