Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Integrated Arts

Over the last two days we have had the wonderful opportunity to work with extremely talented Laura Kolisnyk through "The Integrated Arts" program. Laura is an actress, choreographer, dancer, and the voice of many characters in cartoons. She is even in a band called the Fun-Key Ducks. You can download their music for free here.

She has been teaching us all about acting/pretending.

We have been learning about personal space, feelings, stage positions, and tableaus. We have been playing lots of fun games, dancing, and acting out stories.

Can you guess which emotions we are acting out?
Moving our bodies and then freezing still in "actors neutral"

Playing Magic Rock where we turn into all different animals.

Today we also had bus ridership. Bus Driver Bob came to teach us all about how to be safe on the bus.

Waiting patiently to meet Bus Driver Bob.
We learned that we should never go behind, in front, or under the bus. These areas are called the Danger Zone. When we need to cross in front of the bus we have to get a wave from the bus driver and go far in front so the driver can see us.

Once we were inside the bus we learned about how to sit, safety tools, and how to get off of the bus in an emergency.

Listening to the safety rules.

Bob gave us each a bracelet for being such great listeners.

Learning how to get off the bus safely in case of an accident.

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dyannl09 said...

My Class in Texas LOVED seeing your class in the school bus! They also were very interested in why you were wearing gloves and hats in October! (It was 97 here yesterday!) If you have a twitter account we would love to connect @mshkinder