Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Teacher Learning

Yesterday was an inservice for all of the kindergarten teachers in St. James School Division. We talked a lot about asking students great questions! We believe that asking great questions is the key to teaching students how to wonder, question, problem solve and become great thinkers!

All ready for a great day of sharing and learning!
I was honoured to present with the kindergarten teacher from Linwood School on our journey towards inquiry-based learning. We really enjoyed sharing the stories and photos from our classrooms and looking at how far we've come.

If you had visited my classroom 4 years ago, you would have seen a very different room. 

Now our room is a calmer and more homey feeling place. I carefully select materials to inspire the students to wonder and discover new things. 

Once I changed the classroom I knew I also had to change the way I had been teaching. Gone were the pre-planned months, themes and worksheets. They were replaced with hands-on explorations and following student interests. I still teach the curriculum but I use the student's interest to drive our learning. My focus has shifted from all the little specific learning outcomes to the bigger picture and fostering a love of learning. 

In the afternoon the teachers got to play. I brought 4 examples of Discovery Bins that we do in our classroom. It was really inspiring to see the teachers explore the materials and think of all the learning that can be done through play. 

I always miss my students when I'm away but it was a great day of learning!

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