Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Library Learning

Our interest in libraries continues!

We have been reading lots of books about libraries. The students are learning to identify the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We know that fictional books are not real, they are stories. Sometimes they have cartoon pictures on the front. We are learning that non-fiction books are true and tell us information. They often have photos on the cover and a table of contents inside.

We also explored different kinds of bookmarks. The students looked at many different kinds of bookmarks and studied how they work. Then they used a wide variety of materials to design, construct and test their bookmarks.

During this activity, students were using lots of science vocabulary including, thick, thin, heavy, light,  transparent, and rigid. They also had to use creative problem solving to join materials together.

It was awesome to see many students make changes and improvements to their bookmarks if they did not work the first time.

There were some very proud faces when they finally succeeded!


McDermott Family said...

Noah loved bringing his book mark home! What a neat idea.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching all your adventures!!!

Mrs. Pollreis