Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Learning our Names

The students of Room 8 have been very busy lately. They have been getting to know each other and building up daily classroom routines.

One of the most important keys to getting to know each other in kindergarten is learning everyone's names, including your own!

At the beginning of the day each student goes to the Smart Board and finds his or her own name and moves it to a circle in the centre to show that they are at school. This is helping each student to recognize their own name.

Throughout the day we also practice writing our names on white boards...

With wooden letters....

And even creating the letters using wire and beads.

Some other ways we're working on our names include building the letters out of playdough, finding the magnet letters, looking for our names on our red folder, and signing our artwork. 

Often the first letter of a child's name is the first letter he or she can identify. From there they become familiar with letters they make connections to, like M for mom, or D for dad. 

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