Monday, 29 June 2015

Memories of Kindergarten

Today was our last day of kindergarten. I can't even express how proud I am of all my Room 8 kiddos. They have learned so much this year and really matured in every way.

When I asked them about their favourite memories of kindergarten, here's what they said:

Making bridges - Charlotte
The police officer visiting with the gun - Matthew
Me and Landyn and Jolena catching balls at the Children's Museum - Renee
When we went to the Kid's Museum and the zoo and we got to play with police toys. - Yuan
When we went to the zoo and I saw pretty birds and little monkeys with the long tails. -Jolena
Playing with the police toys. - Brodie
Me and Landyn wearing the police costumes and stopping everyone from going in traffic - Parker
It was my first time here and my favourite part was playing in the sand - Landyn
Going on the field trips with my friends - Keane
We played with Lego with our friends - Justin
My favourite part of kindergarten was playing at sand. - Kayden
I liked when we went to the ladybug park. - Isabella
I made friends and I hope Mrs. Lowe's new friends are listening and learning with Mrs. Lowe. - Frankie
Going to the ladybug park - Rachel

At the end of the day we did some more reflecting and this is what we wanted to add:

I loved watching all the kids grow and learn this year! I hope they are always curious and wonder about the world! - Mrs. Lowe

Thank you for letting me grow and learn with the kids. You made me curious again! - Ms. Mitchell

Thank you Mrs. Lowe for letting us bring books home to read with our families.  - Parker

Thank you for letting us play with Lego and discovery time - Matthew

In kindergarten we made good friends - Yuan

We all joined up in a group and did team work and we're all friends in this classroom. We all love Mrs. Lowe - Jolena

We will all miss Mrs. Lowe but we will see her again - Landyn

It is sad that today is our last day, Mrs. Lowe is the best teacher - Parker

We love Mrs. Lowe - Brodie

When we go to grade one we will miss Mrs. Lowe but we will come and say hi to her and give her a group hug - Yuan, Renee, Parker, Matthew

Every time we go to a different grade we will always come to give Mrs. Lowe a hug and say hi and we love you. - Room 8

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