Wednesday, 11 February 2015


This week our sign up questions is "Would you rather travel by train or by plain?"  It has been interesting to hear about the student's experiences and ideas of what it would be like to travel on a train or plane.

Today I asked the kiddos where they would like to go. Here's what they said:
Mexico - Frankie
Philippines - Renee, Yuan, Parker, Brayden
Kid City - Malashia, Kayden
Antarctica to see the penguins - Matthew, Rachel
Ontario - Isabella, Charlotte
Lego City - Justin, Brodie
Mrs. Mitchell - Greece
Yuan's House - Landyn, Keane
Mrs. Lowe - Italy

There is a lot of interest about the Philippine's in our class so we looked it up and labelled it on our map. We also labelled Canada so we could see where we live. 

We remembered that we had seen some books about the Philippine's in the library so Alfonso went to ask Mr. W. if we could borrow them.  These books have beautiful pictures and inspired a lot of questions. One of the students asked about what language people speak there. Some of the students in our class are able to understand Filipino/Tagalog but no one volunteered to speak.

Then we thought it would be fun to learn some words together. This video was very interesting and the students had fun practicing the words.

Does your family speak any other languages? We would like to make a book that includes the many languages of our families. Could you leave a comment and tell us how to say "thank you" in your language?

A note from Mrs. Lowe ~ I want to celebrate the many cultures represented in room 8, but I am not an expert. I would welcome any families who would like to visit our class and teach us a little bit about your culture. Please send me a note or email if you would be interested. 

Did you know that our blog can be translated into many different languages? There is a button on the right hand side of the blog to change the language.

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Anonymous said...

It's awesome to know that kids get to learn these things. By the way, in Filipino, we say "salamat" (sa-lah-maht). In Spanish, "gracias" and in Chinese, "shih-shih". Our family is a mix of those three, mostly Filipino.

I'd be happy to share stuff about the Filipino culture! (Not so much about Chinese and Spanish, though.)

-Renee's mom