Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Talent Show, Patterns, and ELSA!

This week our sign in question has been, "Would you rather sing or dance?" All of the students have their own reasons for liking one or the other better and some have a hard time deciding.  Today some of the students wanted to show their skills so we had a little talent show.

In the afternoon, during our Math Challenge time, we were talking about patterns. The students are really great at drawing patterns but today we talked about other ways we could make patterns. We realized that we can find patterns in dancing and music! Of course the students wanted to do a little show of that too!

Tonight was also the Family Read-In. Many students came to the library to read with their families. We were very surprised when Elsa walked in. She read some stories and then even sang with the kids. At the end everyone got their pictures take and got to bring a book home to keep! It was a pretty magical night.

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