Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Police Inquiry

The police inquiry continued this afternoon. If you missed the first post you can view it here.

Making fingerprints and looking at them with a magnifying glass.
Creating traffic signs.

Wearing essential parts of a police officer's uniform including the walkie talkie, notepad,  pencil, and sun glasses.
We also watched some more videos from Discovery Education. The first one was about the importance of rules at home, school and in the community. After the video we made a list of different examples of rules for each place.

Before we went to play we also made a list of all the different roles that police officers have. This really helped everyone to find an important job to do during our Thinking and Learning time.

At the end of the day we finally got to write in our own "Reflection Journals." We have been group-writing in our class journal for a long time but students have really been looking forward to writing independently.  Before we went to our desks the students gave each other some advice.  I just had to write it down because it was actually great advice for anyone who wants to become a writer.

Many students chose to write about our police inquiry today. Here are some examples:

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